We Develop Drug Treatments Using Physics Based Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Our Mission

To prevent and delay the onset of disease and age-related degeneration

To create precision treatments for when disease inevitably occurs


Adityo Prakash

Adityo Prakash


Pioneered modern streaming and video processing technologies as Cofounder & CEO of Pulsent

40 patent families

BS, Mathematics & Physics, Caltech

Eniko Fodor

Eniko Fodor


Pioneered modern streaming and video processing technologies as Cofounder & COO of Pulsent

25 patent families

BS, Physics, Universitatea Babes Bolyai

David Kita

David Kita, PhD


Built one of the first large-scale gene-discovery platforms as Director of Bioinformatics at Hyseq

38 patent families

BS, MS & PhD, Astrophysics, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Team Member Highlights

Sangtae Kim

Sangtae Kim, PhD


Led major scientific research initiatives as CEO of Morgridge Institute and Head of Chemical Engineering at Purdue

Member, US National Academy of Engineering; former VP, Eli Lilly

BS & MS, Chemical Eng., Caltech; PhD, Chemical Eng., Princeton

Anirban Datta

Anirban Datta, PhD

Head of Biology

Built novel cancer diagnostic technologies as cofounder of Pharmacomatrix

Cancer Research Scientist at UCSF

BS, Physics & Biology, University of Chicago; PhD, Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania

Kevin Short

Kevin Short, PhD

Head of Chemistry

Led medicinal chemistry programs from early discovery to clinic at J&J and Ontogen

8 patent families

BS, Chemistry, Imperial College; PhD, Chemistry, University of Exeter

Edward Ratner

Edward Ratner, PhD

Head of Machine Learning

Created novel small-data AI technology as Cofounder and CEO of Edammo, Inc.; developed novel signal processing technology as CTO of Lyrical Labs

40 patent families

BS, Physics, Caltech; PhD, Physics, Stanford

Eric Chang


Head of Computational Modeling

Built large-scale computational simulations of physical systems at Synopsys and Arco

Developed video compression technologies at Pulsent

BS, Mathematics, Caltech; MS & PhD, Chemical Engineering, Stanford

Ki C. Wong

Ki C. Wong

Head of Software Infrastructure

Spearheaded critical software infrastructure development to support the early growth of PayPal

2 patent families

BS, Physics, Caltech; MA, Physics, UCSB

Walter Jones

Walter Jones

Head of Corporate Development

Consummated a dozen acquisitions as Principal at Anderson Group and Seligman Western

Overhauled operations at 2 companies

BS, Economics, Caltech; MBA, Harvard

Carver C. Farrow

Carver C. Farrow, II

Head of Legal Affairs

General Counsel, Speech Morphing

Technology Counsel, Pulsent Corporation

BS, Physics, Caltech; JD, UCLA

Clinical and Scientific Advisors



Nobel Prize, Chemistry, 1988

Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute

Adjunct Professor, University of Frankfurt

Steven Chu PhD

Steven Chu, PhD

Nobel Prize, Physics, 1997

Professor, Stanford

Former US Energy Secretary

Edison Liu

Edison Liu, MD

CEO Emeritus, Jackson Labs

Fmr. President, Human Genome Organization

Brinker International Award, Breast Cancer Research

Robert Karr

Robert Karr, MD

CEO, Tioma Therapeutics

Former SVP, Pfizer

Former Professor, University of Iowa School of Medicine

Trevor M. Jones

Trevor M. Jones, PhD

Professor, University College London

Joint UK-US Covid Strategy Coordinator

Former Head of R&D, Wellcome

Rt Hon. Lord Ajay Kakkar

Rt Hon. Lord Ajay Kakkar, MB PhD

Professor, University College London

Director, Thrombosis Research Institute

Author, 200+ scientific papers

C. Michael Gibson

C. Michael Gibson, MD

Professor, Harvard Medical School

Researcher, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Pioneered novel measures of coronary blood flow

John Deanfield

John Deanfield, MB FRCP

Professor, University College London

Director, University College Hospital, London

Author, 500+ scientific papers

Keith Fox

Keith Fox, MB ChB

Professor, University of Edinburgh

Founding Fellow, European Society of Cardiology

Honored as one of four “Legends in Cardiology”

Gregory Lip

Gregory Lip, MD

Professor, University of Liverpool

Leading expert in atrial fibrillation

One of Thomson Reuters’ "World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014"

Renato Lopes

Renato Lopes, MD PhD

Professor, Duke University & Federal University of Sao Paulo

Executive Director, Brazilian Clinical Research Institute

Specialist in epidemiology & treatment of AF-ACS patients

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