Verseon's growing drug pipeline

Our diverse pipeline of drug candidates is the product of dedicated interdisciplinary teams working to shape the future of medicine.

Our drug discovery platform, which can be applied to virtually any known disease-causing protein, allows us to target a wide variety of diseases with large unmet medical needs. As a result, we have established a diverse pipeline of disease programs, each aiming to develop multiple drug candidate for clinical trials.

Discovery Optimization Preclinical Phase 1
Diabetic macular edema
Hereditary angioedema
Metabolic disorders
Disease program Stage
Anticoagulation Phase 1
Diabetic macular edema Preclinical
Hereditary angioedema Preclinical
Oncology Optimization
Metabolic disorders Discovery

Expanding our pipeline

Supported by medical experts, we are exploring indications that are inadequately served by existing drugs. We identify future programs by factoring in unmet medical need, disease incidence, market size, competition, and regulatory environment, among other factors. We prioritize targets that have been validated for a given therapeutic area and that have clearly defined preclinical and clinical endpoints.