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Feb 29, 2016

Verseon Corporation (“Verseon” or the “Company”)

Verseon Presents Low Bleeding Risk Anticoagulants at International Medical Conference

FREMONT, Calif.—New preclinical data for a promising class of oral anticoagulants was presented by Verseon Corporation (AIM: VSN) to delegates at the 3rd International Conference on Heart & Brain (ICHB) in Paris last week. The data conclusively demonstrates the effectiveness of Verseon’s novel, highly selective direct thrombin inhibitors (DTIs) as a potential treatment for arterial thrombotic disorders with a lower bleeding risk than current anticoagulants.

The new results build upon other preclinical data, presented earlier this year at Biotech Showcase 2016 in San Francisco. Together these results indicate that Verseon’s DTIs have comparable preclinical efficacy to existing anticoagulants (including the NOACs apixaban and dabigatran) but with substantially lower bleeding liability. The data also show that Verseon’s DTIs have favorable potency, selectivity, pharmacokinetics, and oral bioavailability.

"We are very encouraged by the recent positive preclinical results for our novel class of oral anticoagulants," said Adityo Prakash, CEO and co-founder of Verseon. "The latest data clearly demonstrates the therapeutic potential of our candidates and will play an important role in our upcoming IND filings."

About Verseon’s anticoagulation program

Verseon’s new class of anticoagulants are part of a growing portfolio of drug programs being developed with the aid of the Company’s proprietary, computational drug discovery platform. The novel small-molecule DTIs act through reversible covalent inhibition, a unique mode of action that leads to novel pharmacology, including lower bleeding liability as seen in multiple laboratory tests. Verseon’s DTIs inhibit thrombin production without introducing the prolonged delay that characterizes existing anticoagulants, including NOACs. In addition to efficacy and lower bleeding risk, Verseon’s new class of anticoagulants also has pharmacokinetic properties suitable for oral dosing.

About Verseon

Verseon is a technology-based pharmaceutical company that employs its proprietary computational drug discovery platform to develop novel therapeutics for today’s challenging diseases. Verseon’s platform can consistently design novel drugs that are unlikely to be found using conventional methods. The Company is applying its platform to a growing drug pipeline and has three active drug programs in the areas of anticoagulation, diabetic macular edema, and solid tumor cancers.

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Note to editors: A copy of the poster presented at ICHB is available upon request.


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