Talent acquisition partner

  • Would you love to help an innovative company meet the challenges of rapid growth?
  • Do you want to be responsible for driving forward projects in an organization that is looking to change a major industry?
  • Do you crave an intellectually stimulating work environment?

Verseon’s mission is to transform modern medicine and make a meaningful global impact. We are looking to build the talent acquisition team to find and hire the human talent needed to make this vision possible.

We have made fundamental computationally driven advancements that enable us to engineer completely novel drug candidates, synthesize them, and carry them forward through testing in the lab into the clinic. We design and develop molecules that are highly unlikely to be found through the trial-and-error processes currently used in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are breaking new ground in the development of medicines and our organization is very different from the usual pharmaceutical, biotech, or high-tech company. This also makes our hiring needs unique. We are hiring people for a wide variety of positions in physics, math, computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, and business.

In this talent acquistion partner role, you will have to understand the overall goals of the organization, the specific talents and capabilities required within each department, and have a good understanding of the different technology areas. In fact, we want you to understand details in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology, as well as business. You will learn to identify the qualities that enable individuals to grow, perform at the highest level in their respective roles, and become integral parts of the Verseon team.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a science or engineering field
  • Strong ability to persuasively communicate both verbally and in writing

Location: Fremont, CA