Physics - Applied math - Computation

Scientist - Mathematics

  • Do you want to tackle hard science problems that will make a difference in the world?
  • Are you tired of academic politics and the publication treadmill?
  • Instead of chasing big data, writing software to serve internet ads, or training quant models, wouldn’t you like to do something more meaningful?

We are looking for mathematicians with good problem-solving skills who are willing to tackle challenging research in various areas of integro-differential equations, numerical convergence, algebraic topology, and optimization. We are open to a diverse set of research backgrounds whether in pure or applied mathematics.

At Verseon, we are developing a process for systematically designing novel drug molecules that bind to important disease-causing protein targets. We are not looking for canned solutions and quick fixes. You will have the opportunity to pursue hard research problems and develop novel and efficient mathematical methods.


  • PhD in mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical physics, computer science, or related fields
  • Research background in analysis, dynamics, geometry, PDEs, or topology would be a plus
  • Coding proficiency preferred

Location: Fremont, CA