Scientist - Drug formulation

  • Do you want to join a team developing technologies that will shape the future of drug discovery?
  • Would you like to work on a steady stream of novel drug candidates across many disease areas?
  • Do you want your work to have great therapeutic impact?

We are seeking a formulation scientist who is up for the challenge of designing and testing formulations for a steady stream of novel drug compounds across many disease areas. Our in silico platform generates novel molecular scaffolds that are well differentiated from those in traditional compound libraries. These drug compounds belong to previously unaccessed portions of chemical space, so it will be important that you are able think outside the box. You will utilize your knowledge of oral and topical ocular drug delivery, nanoparticle drug delivery systems, polymer and extended release formulations with various release profiles to bridge the gap between today’s patient needs and tomorrow’s therapeutics.

As a member of our drug discovery team, you will be a part of a collaborative, fast-paced, multi-disciplinary research environment, working closely with our team of biologists and medicinal chemists.


  • PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical engineering, or related discipline
  • Strong hands-on expertise in analytical chemistry and various drug formulations for ocular drug delivery
  • In-depth understanding of chemical stability and characterization techniques
  • Thorough understanding of cGMP, pharmacopeia testing, and regulatory requirements for filing and registration of small molecules and biologics

Location: San Jose, CA