Oral drugs for diabetic eye disease

Aimed at helping millions of diabetes patients worldwide who are at risk of losing their eyesight.

A global cause of blindness

Diabetic macular edema (DME) is a major cause of blindness in patients with diabetes. High blood sugar levels weaken the blood vessels in the eye, leading to fluid accumulation in the macula and ultimately central vision loss.

Almost one in three people living with diabetes for 20 years will develop DME, putting a large fraction of the growing global diabetes population at risk of vision loss.

The case for a new DME treatment

Currently available DME treatments are anti-VEGF agents and corticosteroids, which are administered via recurring injections or implantation directly into the eye. These treatments are associated with numerous side effects and not suitable for disease prevention.

Our approach to treating DME

We are advancing oral DME drug candidates aimed at better serving the needs of this growing patient population. Because of their more convenient mode of administration, our oral drugs could be well-suited for DME prophylaxis.