Despite pharmaceutical industry investments of over $115 billion per year on research and development, the number of new drugs coming to market continues to decline. Verseon is committed to reversing this trend by using its drug discovery platform to engineer novel drugs consistently, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Verseon's platform, designed and implemented in-house, is the product of over ten years of research and development focused on accurate modeling of molecular interactions, development of novel optimization algorithms, and computer integration of synthetic and medicinal chemistry knowledge.

Verseon's platform explores a chemical space of hundreds of millions of new drug-like compounds and can consistently design drug candidates that have never before been synthesized.

More Choices

Technology capable of designing large numbers of novel, drug-like molecules, each with their own synthetic recipe


Real Solutions

Proprietary breakthroughs in physics-based molecular modeling of protein-drug interactions and sophisticated optimization algorithms select the best molecules to bring to the laboratory