Traditional techniques for finding drug candidates are based on trial and error and are prone to failure. Industry surveys present a disturbing trend. Only one out of three drug discovery programs deliver a single drug candidate to the clinic, and, after another six to seven years in clinical trials and regulatory review, only one out of fifteen programs result in a newly approved drug. Consequently, there is an industry-wide scarcity of potential drugs. The need for a new discovery platform that can design novel drug candidates consistently and cost-effectively is urgent.

Verseon's platform overcomes this bottleneck by consistently designing novel drug candidates that are unlikely to be found using conventional methods. It can design multiple novel drug chemotypes per program, so there are several choices available for human trials. A drug program with multiple candidates is more likely to succeed in clinical trials and result in a useful therapy.

More Choices

Technology capable of designing large numbers of novel, drug-like molecules, each with their own synthetic recipe


Real Solutions

Proprietary breakthroughs in physics-based molecular modeling of protein-drug interactions and sophisticated optimization algorithms select the best molecules to bring to the laboratory