Security Token Offering

In keeping with Verseon’s philosophy of approaching problems from new perspectives, we are also pioneering the use of blockchain technology to create a new funding model for the 21st century.

In 2019, we plan to launch a security token offering (STO) to accelerate the development of our diverse drug pipeline of novel drug candidates.

We are structuring our STO as one of the first global offerings backed by a prospectus. The STO will use the technology and services of our blockchain fintech subsidiary BlockRules Ltd. to enforce regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Each security token will be a form of preferred share that grants its holder rights to a percentage of Verseon’s future drug program revenues.

We will initially conduct a private offering, followed by a public token sale upon approval of the prospectus.

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Our pledge

Verseon is committed to growth through innovation, building value for its shareholders while respecting its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen