Verseon is a technology-based pharmaceutical company that develops novel therapeutics for today’s challenging diseases. The company generates multiple, chemically-diverse drug candidates for each discovery program and, as such, is not reliant on the success or failure of just a single drug candidate in the clinic. Verseon's drug discovery platform can be used to find drugs for a multitude of diseases. The company is currently advancing four drug discovery program that target medical conditions with large markets.

Verseon was founded in 2002 and admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market in May 2015. Verseon is listed under the symbol “VERS” (ISIN USU9221J1098). Some restricted shares issued pursuant to US Regulation S are traded under the symbol VER2 (ISIN USU9221J1171).

Our pledge

Verseon is committed to growth through innovation, building value for its shareholders while respecting its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen